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Tikky 1 2 3: "The Rotring Tikky mechanical pencil has been around for many years and undergone many changes since it was first released. I’m not a Tikky expert so I can’t detail the various changes it has undergone, but if my memory is correct I recall that the author of the now deleted Pencil Box blog stated he had something like 30 or 40 different variants of the Tikky.

The latest incarnation of the Tikky mechanical pencil is significantly different from its immediate predecessor, so I’ll point out a few of the main changes below.

I have two older Rotring Tikky’s dating from the early to mid 2000’s. The white 0.9mm is logoed as a Rotring Tikky II (1.0mm) and the brown 0.5mm as a Rotring T. Apart from the name, there’s no obvious difference between them upon visual inspection. They are pictured below with the current Tikky.
old and new Rotring Tikky mechanical pencils
Comparing these two older Tikky’s to the current Tikky, it’s fairly obvious that the apart from the name “Tikky” and concept of the wave grip zone the current Tikky has virtually nothing in common with the old Tikky. Maybe some or all of the internal components are the same, but externally they have little in common.

Completely different pocket clips.
Rotring Tikky pocket clips
Different end caps. Also note the method of pocket clip attachment to the body.
Rotring Tikky end caps
Different tip sections, and grips, although conceptually similar.
Tikky tips and grips
Old Tikky has a round upper body whereas new Tikky transitions from a round lower body to a sort of rounded trapezium shape up at the end.
Tikky ends
Note the old Tikky had “Made in Germany” moulded into it.
Rotring Tikky made in Germany
The new Tikky has no country of origin either on the pencil or the packaging. It states distributed by, but not manufactured by or in.

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